Pop & Prosecco Online


  1. Click the link in the email
  2. Click on ‘Open Zoom Meetings’ or download the app
  3. Click on ‘Join with Computer Audio’
  4. Maximise your Zoom window
  5. In the Zoom Screen, click on ‘Participants’
  6. In the Zoom Screen, click on ‘Chat’
  7. Select ‘Gallery View’ for the best experience
  8. For a better experience, click on the arrow next to the Mute/Unmute button, select ‘Audio Settings’ and untick ‘Automatically Adjust Volume'


We recommend using headphones and an external microphone if you have them, but this is not essential. You will need a webcam – most laptops have one built in.

To join us for our Pop & Prosecco online session, you’ll need to use a programme called Zoom. The instructions below will help you to log on easily.


These instructions are for people using a laptop or PC:

  1. You will receive an email from Rebecca, which will include a link. Click on the link in the email.
  2. Your internet browser will open. If you’ve used Zoom before, a box will appear with a box saying ‘Open Zoom Meetings’ – click on the box to open the programme. If it’s your first time using Zoom, the programme should download automatically, but if not you can follow the instructions on screen to download and open Zoom.
  3. When the programme opens, the Zoom logo (a white video camera symbol in a blue box) will appear in your taskbar along the bottom of the screen. Two windows will appear, one with a black background showing the videos of everyone online already, and one with a white background saying ‘Join with Computer Audio’. Click on this button – or you can click on the audio test link below and follow the instructions to make sure everything is working ok.
  4. Once clicked, the white window will disappear, leaving the window with the black background and the videos. Along the top of that window is a bar which will say ‘Zoom Meeting ID:’ and a number. On the right hand side of this bar, there are three symbols – a line, a square and a cross. Click on the square to maximise the window. You are now logged on.


How to use Zoom


  1. When you move your mouse downwards, you will see a set of symbols appear across the bottom of the screen. The instructions below explain what each symbol does, and what we need you to do with each of them, from bottom left to right.
  2. The first logo says ‘Unmute’ or ‘Mute’ underneath. Clicking on this will turn your sound on and off, changing whether other people can hear you. You don’t need to click on this symbol, as the session leader will be managing this function during the session.
  3. For a better experience, click on the arrow next to the Mute/Unmute button, select ‘Audio Settings’ and untick ‘Automatically Adjust Volume'
  4. The next logo says ‘Stop Video’ or ‘Start Video’. We recommend that you keep your video on, as it makes for a better experience. However, you can opt to turn your video off if you would prefer (you will still be able to hear the session).
  5. After a little gap, the next logo says ‘Invite’. Please don’t need to click on this symbol.
  6. Next is ‘Participants’. Please click on this logo to toggle a white column along the right hand side of the screen, with a list of people on the call. Your name will be at the top – this is how it will appear to everyone else in the session. If you hover over your name, an option to rename yourself will appear – you may prefer to just use your first name, for example.
  7. Next is ‘Share’ which is coloured green. This function won’t work, so please don’t click on it.
  8. Next is ‘Chat’. Please click on this to bring up the Zoom Group Chat option under the participant list on the right of the screen. You will need to use this function to communicate with the session leader.
  9. Next is ‘Record’. This function won’t work. However, part of the session may be recorded by The Singing Elf for marketing and training purposes.
  10. Finally, is ‘Reactions’. You can click on this to give the session a ‘clap’ or a ‘thumbs up’. Doing this will make the symbol appear on your screen for a few seconds.
  11. In the top right of the black screen you will see either ‘Gallery View’ or ‘Speaker View’. We recommend ‘Gallery View’ so that you can see everyone else in the session. However, either setting will work.
  12. Next to this is the ‘Enter Full Screen’ symbol. Don’t click on this, as it will make the Participant and Chat column disappear.

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