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Raise a glass for the new website!

It’s fair to say this website has been a long time in coming as I first started to think about it when I launched The Singing Elf almost two years ago! Better late than ever eh? Writing about yourself is not an easy thing to do, even when you are an Elf, but we’ve done so much since starting out that it feels the right time to share what we’ve been up to. Of course, the most important reason for the timing of the new website is the launch of our brand new event – Durham Big Sing. You’ll soon be seeing lots of exciting posts about the event so watch this space!

This ‘raise your glass’ photo was taken at the launch night of The Singing Elf in May 2017 at Croft Village Hall which hosted the first of many ‘Singing & Prosecco’ sessions. During the first year of The Singing Elf I focused on delivering social singing workshops that did just what they said on the tin – we sang and drank Prosecco! Unsurprisingly new and shy singers do find it easier to let their guard down after a glass of fizz and the evenings were a great way to introduce the concept of ‘group singing for beginners’ in an informal and relaxed way. We did a few fun warm ups, learned a little about our voices and then worked on ‘the song of the night’. There was great freedom in learning a song just for one night, for no other reason that to sing it and enjoy it without pressure or performance.

I ran monthly ‘Singing & Prosecco’ nights at several venues near Darlington & Durham but eventually I found that my ‘regulars’ were ready for something a little more than one-off singing sessions. Singers started to ask for the chance to really learn a piece and develop their voices session on session. So, in July 2017 I ran a 4 week ‘Find Your Voice’ course in West Rainton near Durham and in the following September Unity Choir was born! And the rest as they say is history – Unity’s growing programme eventually took me away from ‘Singing & Prosecco’, although to be fair with Unity, the Prosecco bottles are never far away!

As with all my projects, the website will evolve over time and I look forward to adding lots more information in coming months. For now I hope you enjoy delving into the world of The Singing Elf, finding out about my fabulous Unity Choir and getting excited about my BIG new singing event!

So let’s raise a glass for the new website –
Cheers, Elfie x

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