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Welcome To Our Qigong & Meditation Sessions

An introduction to mindfulness including meditations on the theme of sound and the Chinese practice of Qigong which incorporates slow, gentle movements, similar to Tai Chi and breathing techniques.

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More about Liz McEvoy - Our Qigong & Meditation Session Leader

Our Qigong & Meditation session leader is Liz McEvoy from The Little Company of Calm.

Liz McEvoy offers inclusive Mindfulness sessions which are ideal for those trying it out for the first time or already practicing.

She first found mindfulness through a poster entitled “finding peace in a frantic world” and has since trained to help others find peace.

Liz has been part of our Serenity Team since 2022, she is one of the founding Directors of The Little Company of Calm Social Enterprise.

This is an inclusive activity suitable for most adults including those with hidden health conditions.

For most of this session you will be sat on a chair but there will be the option to stand or lie at times.

There will be the opportunity to try gentle, slow movement from a standing or seated position.

There's also periods of meditation which you can do seated on a chair or mat, or lying on a mat.

Please note that our sessions are popular and we don't want you to miss out!

Please use the booking link above to confirm your place by making payment.

Email us if you have any issues with making an online payment.

Liz, the Qigong session leader and a participant, smiling.