Rainbow Craft Envelopes

This page is where you will find everything you need to know about what is inside our Rainbow Craft Envelopes. You can download our FREE activity sheets with full instructions and printable templates.

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What you can make

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How to use your Craft Envelope
  1. Choose your activity – look through the activity sheets & decide which to make.
  2. Grab your materials – Use the key below & the symbols at the top of your activity sheet to find the materials you need.
  3. Create your makes – Follow the step-by-step instructions, or watch the videos on our website or social media.
  4. Display your makes – Hang up in your window!
  5. Send a message of hope – Send your greetings card or postcard to someone you know or send back to the project for us to pass onto a member of the local community who may be lonely or need cheering up.
  6. Get involved online – Follow us on social media & share pictures of your makes with our online community.
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Fill your windows with love with our paper hearts. Transform strips of coloured paper, string & a little bit of glue into these beautiful 3D hearts. Experiment with colours to produce a rainbow, & string up like bunting!


Provide a flash of colour with our paper spinners & watch them dance in the wind from your window. A simple & quick make, using strips of coloured paper, string & glue.

Multi-coloured, paper, bulb shaped, decorations hung in a window by string.

Take to the skies with our hot air balloon drops! These 3D shapes look great hung in the window, and a great way to use up paper scraps. Use our handy templates to cut out your shapes & glue onto your string to display. Try threading on some coloured pom-poms for extra texture!

Give it a go

Brighten your day with our 3D rainbow. A simple activity, threading through coloured paper strips. Don’t forget the clouds, whether they’re from paper using our printable template, or fluffy with cotton wool.


Send a message of hope to someone lonely or who might need cheering up with our uplifting hot air balloon design. Use our template sheet to create your hot air balloon from coloured paper & colour in your characters, then add your heart-warming message.

But why stop there - try using your templates to make kites or sheep, or check out our online resources for turning strips of paper into a pop-up umbrella!

Give it a go

Use the templates to try out these ideas.