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What does it cost?

Thanks to funding from Durham AAP we are able to offer flexible ticket pricing to  all participants to ease the financial barriers to taking part.

Choose how many sessions to attend
Participants choose which of the four Rise/Flourish/Thrive/Shine sessions to attend. Audience only tickets are available for the evening to those people who have not taken part in the rest of the festival and come to watch.

Choose how much to pay
All festival participants choose one of the three ticket prices to pay what they can during booking. Choosing the Supporter ticket helps contribute towards those needing the Supported ticket.

Ticket Prices

Ticket Price Table

What are bursaries?

If you can't afford the Supporter Ticket Price for the sessions you wish to attend, you can access a bursary to bring the cost down further and pay what you can. This means that you can choose what you are able to contribute to attend from £1 during booking.

You'll be asked to select one of the options below during booking but you will not be required to provide any further evidence.

- Local resident living (or attending choirs or community groups) in the funding area shown

- Don't live funding area but need additional financial support to be able to attend

- Festival Volunteer

- Volunteer or student singing leader or teacher

- Member of Unity Community Choir

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What are Companion/Carer Tickets?

If you need assistance to attend the festival, you can book a FREE companion ticket so that a friend or carer can accompany you. If you have a trained assistance or therapy dog you can bring them too.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst our stewards are there to help, they cannot physically assist you due to insurance purposes. If you need to lean on someone, require help to get into or out of a chair, or cannot move around on your own with your own mobility aids, you will need to bring a companion with you.

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Who should book audience tickets?

Audience tickets are for people who have not taken part in any other aspect of the festival and are just coming along to watch the evening performance. Just like our festival tickets, there are several ticket prices to choose from depending on what you can afford. Young People under 18 cannot attend any other part of the festival and must only attend the performance if accompanied by an adult.

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Who should book a Shine ticket?

All festival participants wishing to attend the evening session should select the Shine option when booking. Even if you are not part of a choir that is performing but you are taking part in other sessions during the day, you should add Shine to your booking rather than an audience ticket. All participants will be invited to take part in the evening Big Sing if you wish. A shine ticket will also give you access to our Backstage Areas 4.30 - 9pm which will enable you to access rest spaces and take part in the warm up for the evening if you want to take part in some way. 


Please email for support with bookings or payments.

To confirm your ticket(s), complete then submit your booking form using your unique login link. You’ll then receive a confirmation of your order by email with a paylink to make your payment and complete your purchase. If you have an issue with your booking confirmation you can query this with us before you make payment. You will receive an automated receipt once you've made payment. 

Once you’ve paid, your ticket(s) will be non-refundable but can be changed as below.

After you’ve purchased your ticket(s), you can still return to your booking to edit or add additional information or add more to your ticket. For example you might want to tell us more about your shuttle bus requirements or add contact details for others on your booking that you didn’t have at the time you completed the form. You can also add more to your ticket such as an additional person, parking space or audience ticket. You will be sent a new paylink to pay for any additional purchases.

You can return to your booking to add more to your ticket. The booking system, however, will not allow you to remove or delete anything that you’ve already purchased. In most cases, once you have purchased your ticket(s) these will be non-refundable. However, in some cases, we may be able to adapt or make changes to your booking. This applies if you have received new information and this has changed the options you wish to choose although there will be a cut off point for certain changes. You can transfer your ticket to another person if this request is made 48 hours before the festival, after this time it will be at the discretion of the organisers. You can request a refund to be considered if you deem your circumstances exceptional. 

To discuss changes, transfer or ticket cancel, please email

DO NOT SHARE YOUR LINK - Your unique login link contains your private information and should not be shared with anyone else.