How to make your booking

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Are you ready to book?

Before you book, make sure that you've read the info on our website and have decided:

  1. Which session times you want to attend - Rise, Flourish, Thrive & Shine
  2. If you will be booking for more than one person and have their details
  3. If you will require a space in our event car park and what time you will arrive
  4. If you plan to use the shuttle bus or have any accessibility needs
  5. What you will pay - check out price options on our Ticket Info Page

Registered Singers

If you previously registered your interest in Durham Big Sing we already have your details on our system. You have been sent a unique booking link to your email. This has your saved details and will speed up your booking.

Can't see it? Check your junk/spam folder first, then email

Start a new booking

If you haven't previously registered your interest start a new booking.

Return to a booking

You can save and return to your booking at any time, however your tickets will not be confirmed until you have submitted your form and made payment.

Change Booking

If you have already submitted your booking form, you can return to it at any time to make changes. The booking system will not allow you to remove or delete anything that you’ve already purchased. You can read more details below about what you can and can't change, but in most cases our tech team will be able to help you:

How are payments taken?

You are not required to make a payment submit the form.

Once you have submitted your booking form you will receive a confirmation of the tickets you have booked by email with unique paylink for your booking.

If you have any issues you can query those before paying, but otherwise it's a quick an easy link to make a card payment for the total sum through our secure payment system.

In the exceptional circumstances where the person booking does not have a debit or credit card, payment can be taken via another method by making an arrangement with us.

Payment must be made to confirm your booking. Once you've paid you ticket(s) will be non-refundable but can be changed in the ways stated below in our Terms & Conditions section.

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About the Booking Form

You may find it helpful to scan through what the form will ask before starting, especially if booking for more than one person. Remember, you can take a break, save and return to your booking at any time. Lots of the questions are optional and only relevant if they apply to you. You also don't need to complete all of the details to confirm your ticket as you can return to add more details later.

In order to offer an inclusive festival for hundreds of adults (many of whom have accessibility requirements), in a heritage city centre, on a busy Saturday, we have worked hard to reduce potential barriers to take part. The festival has our own event car park to reduce parking anxiety and costs. Our accessible shuttle buses can help you get to and from our venues. Our friendly team of volunteers will be there to support you throughout the day. And our fully accessible venues offer toilet facilities and quiet rooms.

We ask our singers to provide us with lots of information during booking. For those with accessibility requirements, this will help us to provide you with the best possible support. For those of you who don't have accessibility requirements we ask for your patience and compassion during booking and attending the event as striving for inclusivity takes a little longer for all involved.


Please email for support with bookings or payments.

To confirm your ticket(s), complete then submit your booking form using your unique login link. You’ll then receive a confirmation of your order by email with a paylink to make your payment and complete your purchase. If you have an issue with your booking confirmation you can query this with us before you make payment. You will receive an automated receipt once you've made payment. 

Once you’ve paid, your ticket(s) will be non-refundable but can be changed as below.

After you’ve purchased your ticket(s), you can still return to your booking to edit or add additional information or add more to your ticket. For example you might want to tell us more about your shuttle bus requirements or add contact details for others on your booking that you didn’t have at the time you completed the form. You can also add more to your ticket such as an additional person, parking space or audience ticket. You will be sent a new paylink to pay for any additional purchases.

You can return to your booking to add more to your ticket. The booking system, however, will not allow you to remove or delete anything that you’ve already purchased. In most cases, once you have purchased your ticket(s) these will be non-refundable. However, in some cases, we may be able to adapt or make changes to your booking. This applies if you have received new information and this has changed the options you wish to choose although there will be a cut off point for certain changes. You can transfer your ticket to another person if this request is made 48 hours before the festival, after this time it will be at the discretion of the organisers. You can request a refund to be considered if you deem your circumstances exceptional. 

To discuss changes, transfer or ticket cancel, please email

DO NOT SHARE YOUR LINK - Your unique login link contains your private information and should not be shared with anyone else.